WordPress: Websites Made Easy

I found the experience of setting up a blog with WordPress for the ICC 612 class last term to be interesting and enjoyable because of the application’s ease of use.

Setting up my first blog on WordPress was easy!

I was actually a little surprised how easily a blogger-novice like me was able to create a functional and professional-looking blog site using WordPress’s template. It was also effortless on WordPress to publish my blogs and share them through my Twitter account.

Though WordPress provides standard templates, it supports user creativity by offering numerous customizable options. I didn’t have to know a lot about content management systems to effectively navigate the WordPress application and incorporate its features in my blog. My blog site was also responsive on mobile devices.Responsive_Website_Design

For these reasons and more I definitely see enterprise use for WordPress as a CMS for companies’ websites. WordPress is already the most commonly used CMS because of the benefits it provides its users, including templates and themes, authoring tools, and asset management. I think its ease of use will remain as the number one attraction for new website creators as it allows people with limited IT knowledge to produce and maintain an impressive website and online presence. However, it remains to be seen whether WordPress can overcome some of its cons by developing some important functionalities, such as access for user groups, analytics, and compatibility with third party programs for content marketing and content strategy management.

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