Give Us, Us Free: Internet

There’s a saying that states, “freedom ain’t free.” And, it appears that the same can be said about the Internet these days. If the choice was mine, I would definitely pass a law that would keep access to the Internet open, free and equal to all!

The Internet is the greatest example of democracy that exists in the world. It’s not surprising that there are those who oppose this massive forum for the exchange of ideas and powerful force for change being within easy reach of far-flung, diverse groups of people.


The status quo wants to retain control of the masses intellectually, socially and economically; the Internet poses a real threat to its world domination. Movements that the status quo would consider to be radical are effectively using the Internet to communicate adverse messages and issues. Not to mention the open market potential of web-based businesses, where small marketers with big ideas can reach millions of potential customers with minimal investment, leveling the playing field with major corporations.


I would rule the Internet free for all and ensure that individuals have equal opportunity to all the benefits that it offers. My regulation would guarantee that no one interest group ever monopolizes the Internet or controls the availability of its services.

My campaign would not be as dramatic as “Give me [Internet] or give me death.” But with the heartfelt emotion expressed by Cinque in “Amistad,” I would declare: “Give us, us free [Internet]!”

Give Us Free


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